Hot Artist Alert: Nick Leng shares eerie, visually stunning “Music to Clean the House to” just in time for quarantine season

Nick Leng

At 23-years-old California native Nick Leng has a penchant for crafting carefully layered textures in his songs, garnering attention since the release of one of his more popular tracks “Crawled out of The Sea.” Now he’s shared the music video for his song “Music to Clean the House to,” a track that seems too appropriate for the current times as cities around the world go into quarantine mode.

“Music to Clean the House to” is a sonorous anthem of minimalist pop giddiness, is accompanied by a video filled with equally stellar visuals: featuring Leng inside his home being pulled and dragged by an unseen force until he slips into an alternate dimension where he’s not a wooden marionette on strings.

The song itself is a melancholic but sonically thrilling blend of Leng’s own moody vocals with lush orchestral backings. Eerie and visually intense, “Music to Clean the House to” is an apt track to fill your home with as you shutter your doors and attempt to wait out the end of quarantine.


Nick Leng’s new album LEMONS is out April 24, pre-order it here via Bandcamp today (March 20), where for one day only, 100% of proceeds go to the artist. Catch him in Los Angeles on on June 10 at the Greek Theatre, opening for LP. Visit his website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch Nick Leng’s Video for “Music to Clean the House:

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