Goth Babe shares an elusively beautiful trilogy of soundscapes on new EP Mt. Bachelor

Goth Babe

Goth Babe – the moniker of Tennessee native Griff Washburn – makes music that is all about him enjoying himself. Out of the back of his camper powered on solar power Washburn follows “good weather and good people,” and the sounds and textures of his new EP Mt. Bachelor are a testament to those sentiments.

Goth Babe’s three-song release is a restless immersion into Washburn’s eclectic music tastes, a moving collection of soundscapes that are fixated on Goth Babe’s sublime outlook on life. Album opener “End Summer” finds Washburn in the midst of an ever-changing landscape of buzzing riffs and swirling electronica – the perfect discord for his soft, grating croons to meander through. His distinct vocals thrust themselves out into the open more on “Froggies,” before being distorted into the very melody of the song, twisting and fusing with its melancholia before re-emerging and slipping blissfully and seamlessly into the final song on the EP, “The River.”

Goth Babe will be playing the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on August 6. Visit Goth Babe’s Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Stream Goth Babe’s new EP Mt. Bachelor

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