Premiere: Fawns of Love share new reworked (Part-Time Punks) version of “Someday”

fawns of love

Fawns of Love, the Bakersfield post-punk duo, have shared another Part Time Punks Session: Permanent Revisited 12” EP (Obeah Records), this time with a reworked version of their song “Someday.” The new versions of their Permanent EP tracks – inspired by Cocteau Twins and New Order – were created for Michael Stock’s Part Time Punks radio show on KXLU. The new version of “Someday” is a stirring, synth-textured imagination of their previously lo-fi track – trading subdued soundscapes for the riveting glow of drudged-up electronica. It’s all neon and 80s moodiness, a dutiful and gorgeous resurrection of their own fascinations with reverb-soaked melancholia of decades past within one of their songs.

“I tend to be naive and give people the benefit of the doubt when it’s not always deserved. “Someday” is about how I tried to explain away and romanticize a person’s obviously sociopathic behavior. It’s about discovering the hard way that there’s not always a deeper meaning behind people’s rotten behavior, and sometimes you just need to take a person at face value. A difficult lesson that has taken me far too long to learn.” 

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Listen to Fawns of Love’s new single “Someday” below!

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