Premiere: Buttertones get cinematic with new video for “Denial You Win Again”

Buttertones have shared a new video for one of their latest songs, “Denial You Win Again.” The post-punk ballad is one of 10 tracks featured on the Buttertones’ new album, ‘Jazzhound’. It sounds like something you would hear Morrissey serenade with sexy sadness. There is a charming romanticism in the song, similar to the video that accompanies it.

“We focused the video around two concepts. The first being the state of denial, its duality, as in its ability to make complete and no sense at the same time. The second being that rain looks cool.”

Directed by the Mac Demarco team William Sipos + Sean Campos (aka Distractor), the video plays like a strange art film. You don’t know what the hell is really going on, but there’s some serious feels and well, everyone is quite easy on the eyes.

Without a doubt, the Buttertones’ video for “Denial You Win Again” is full of mood and an alluring cinematic tone. Vocalist / guitarist, Richard Araiza’s sullen croon comes to life and makes your heart skip a beat, while “soaking in that sweet summer rain.”

Watch the Buttertones Video for “Denial You Win Again”

The Buttertones’ new album ‘Jazzhound’ is out now via Innovative Leisure. Truly a fantastic album with the Buttertones reaching new heights and keeping us fully engaged, track-after-track. Press play, and be sure to follow the Buttertones on Instagram and Twitter for the latest goods.

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