Ain’t Nothing “DUMB” about Hanni El Khatib’s New Single

Hanni El Khatib
Photo Credit: Dustin Aksland

Hanni El Khatib released a new single earlier this week, the third single off his soon to be released fifth album, ‘Flight,’ set to drop May 15 from Innovative Leisure. “DUMB” is another slice off what Khatib and crew refer to as a very raw and powerful album. 

“DUMB” is a slow and apocalyptic sounding, with haunting background vocals, deep and echoey instrumentals and Khatib singing in a strained manner as the individual in the song reminisces on his despair caused from a love gone sour.

Seconds shy of being two minutes long and never changing in tempo, the song’s brevity speaks to the subtle yet constant decay that eventually erodes a romantic relationship. Despite its slow pace, the single’s music video is an action packed, retro Anime style animation filled with gunfights, ominous scenes and car chases.

‘Flight’ will consist of 13 tracks, and promises to be a pure personification of Khatib through his music not just in sound but in production as well. From the friendship between the album’s producer Leon Michels (El Michels Affair, Travis Scott, Mark Ronson, Lana Del Rey) and artist, to the organic and stripped down way Khatib created his beats, the album is a shapeshifting amalgamation of Khatib’s creativity as a person and artist.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

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