Find your truth in Sharaya Summers’ Wistful New Single “Agendas”

Sharaya Summers

“Agendas” is the latest single from honest singer-songwriter and Oregon native, Sharaya Summers. This elegiac indie folk ballad is underscored by meditative lyrics that yearn for vulnerability and the need to feel heard; that we are all ultimately more similar than different. Sharaya’s warm and nostalgic vocals powerfully compliment the track’s haunting melody.

Los Angeles was once home to Sharaya, playing the same old games and remaining with the same band for ten years, but has now returned to her roots in Oregon for a more honest life with her family. She and her husband, Jacob Summers (also known under the moniker Avid Dancer) ​are thriving in a cabin that doubles as a home studio along the Rogue River, where they write, record, and produce while caring for their new baby boy.

On her songwriting, Sharaya has revealed that “Ricocheting rom heartache, to love, between joy and pain, [she’s] trying to find meaning and hope in the beautiful chaos.” She hopes that others can relate.

“Chasing wisdom I have traveled far and wide, just to find it in a child’s mind. Have I become the devil on your shoulder now Tempting truth with imagination.”

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Stream Sharaya Summers’ lovely new single “Agendas”

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One thought on “Find your truth in Sharaya Summers’ Wistful New Single “Agendas”

  1. Sheila Gunderson

    Love watching Sharaya Summers climb the charts… Love her music… She is one gifted and talented young lady… She writes in a way, that speaks such deep truths…

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