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Even before the whole world was stopped in its tracks by the covid-19 pandemic, Southern Calfornia-based band The Growlers were already imagining a better place than the one they found themselves in.

“Dream World” the latest single from the beach goth band was released last Friday, and though it was recorded shortly after the band’s studio sessions for their 2019 LP, ‘Natural Affairs,’ it fits perfectly into this alternate universe where those adhering to shelter-in-place regulations need a little extra effort to make their homes, apartments, studios, etc. into a haven of their own.

This dream world that lead singer Brooks Nielsen croons about though, isn’t very specific. Rather it’s loosely constructed atop a strong foundation; not necessarily describing what this new world will be, more so it describes values that would make each and every one’s own dream world a space of their own.

“Where love is a treasure; that’s the world I choose to remember. Make a dream last forever. Close your eyes, but never surrender,” Nielsen sings.

It’s a tune of hopeful rebellion, one that is tied to personal ethos rather than established systems. And, tired of being a part of things they don’t believe in, The Growlers do what they do best and express it via their signature blend of music that is somehow happy and upbeat, yet raw and eclectic.

The song establishes an alternative reality and invites people to do the same. And, while “Dream World” encourages people to go deeper into their own minds, it also cries out for connection in a world where our usual physical touch is not so readily accessible.

“Go make your own world, if there’s not enough to choose from … Not hiding, I’m not leaving. I just needed to find a reason.”

Finding an explanation for yourself in the world, especially amidst social distancing and reduced interpersonal connection, can seem hard and daunting, but with a little help from our favorite musicians, we can incorporate more of our dream worlds into our daily lives.

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