The Next World War

Dreamlike and distant, with plenty of space to wander, electro indie artist The Next World War (formerly WEEKS), croons a sigh of solitude with their newest single, “Being a Robot is Lonely.”

Written and Produced by bandmates Michael Weeks and Lee Young with and Ryan Lott of the band Son Lux, the song is sparse and echoey, with a lovely piano that ties together the intermittent set of lyrics that drop in and out of the song like a fading light, flickering in the background.

The lyrics tell of the lonely nature inherent of a mechanical being, and with no music video, yet, the listener is left to his or her own imagination as the song unfolds its simple and solitary description of a robot’s life.

“The song started with a very simple piano melody that you hear at the end and it grew into the fluttering arpeggio pianos you hear throughout the track,” shares Weeks. “That evolving piano layer felt like waking up for the first time, which played into the lyrics for me. The meaning is metaphorical (although, I’ve always been fascinated with idea that machines have feelings). I guess it’s my vision of the future, where we have become more robot than human; transformed by the loneliness and isolation of our digital age … questioning our existence and purpose.”

The Next World War released their debut single, “Plastic Screens,” last year but under the band name Weeks. In between this new single and changing their name, the duo also released the single “My Crazies” in late March.

Now with their new name firmly in toe, the band is set to keep working together to release more music and soon, a music video for “Being a Robot is Lonely.”

Blending several genres together, the Los Angeles based band has come up with a unique sound that transcends band names and will likely continue to impress music lovers and critics alike. A debut EP is anticipated from the crew later this year.

Until then, to listen to their new single, or for more on the band, follow them on social media or stop by their Facebook page.

Words: Patricia Sanchez