WEEKS band
Anna Azarov Photography

Launching their solo debut Los Angeles-based WEEKS is the latest indie electronic artist to appear in recent years–coming as a sharp shift from established rock group to a dynamically pop-oriented solo endeavor. WEEKS has shared the first single from that album in the form of “Plastic Screens,” an emphatic questioning of the virtues virtual media plays on our social lives and needs.

The track bubbles with an electronic fizziness; frayed buzzes and blips beaming themselves through WEEKS digital-age soundscape while the singer’s piercing croons dreamily cut through the hypnotic noise.

There’s a boldness to how much WEEKS leans into the synth-tronics–a bit of Neon Indian’s unabashed dance into new wave reimaginings of decades-old electronics come to mind–but WEEKS holds firm to a sense of his own sound without seeping too much into any regurgitated nostalgia. And instead “Plastic Screens” is in its own whirring, a hot-burning neon lane of vintage video-games soundtracks colliding with all the slick sonics of the ’80s–polished over by WEEKS lucid musings on technology and society.

“I wrote ‘Plastic Screens’ about [humanity’s] current obsession with only showing the perfect aspects of our lives.” WEEKS said of the single. “How we curate our social image to create the illusion of perfection and the crippling fear and doubts that must be underlying. Are we truly as happy as we appear?”

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Stream WEEKS’ New Single “Plastic Screens”