“Mithras” Music Video Reveals a Morsel of the Technicolor Universe on Vinyl Williams’ Azure LP

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After last couple weeks, I’m about ready to jettison off this planet. The successful SpaceX launch certainly makes the idea tempting. If you are similarly seeking an escape, look out for Azure, the brand new record from Vinyl Williams out now. The local psych artist, né Lionel Williams, has created not just one but 11 new worlds on the new LP—one for each track. He recently revealed the cunning space rock tune “Mithras” alongside a fittingly mystical music video that guides us further from reality. 

“Allow this album to act as mobile architecture & to be a beautiful space you can exist within, to worship your own talents. You continue on the possibilities of harmony that are already at the blueprint of the manifest world.” – Vinyl Williams

Named after a Persian god that became entangled in a mysterious Roman religion, “Mithras” moves nimbly. Rapid guitar rhythms create a sense of urgency, only to be halted by a dramatic change of tempo at the bridge. Swirling brain waves in the background disorient as the mix pans back and forth when one least expects it.

The video depicts the journey as if it were Thunder Mountain, narrowly dodging vibrant obstacles in cyberspace. Some footage was taken from an old Panasonic Quasar commercial, one of many examples of what the future looked like in the past. But Azure does more than replicate familiar fantasies—it forces us to live within them. 

vinyl williams
Azure album art

Fans of Tame Impala and Ariel Pink will vibe with the new album, and subtle production elements make it stand apart. It comes two years after Vinyl Williams’ LP Opal, and this time, the color is far more decisive. “Mithras” is one of several songs that show the flavor of Azure’s mix, where vocals bleed into percussion and reverb runs rampant; the record emulates the best of spacepunk, a genre revered by Williams. For all his effort—keep in mind, Azure is his fifth studio album—Vinyl Williams is now on the forefront of the sound, adept at transporting listeners to distant but recognizable realms. 

Dive into the world of Azure on Vinyl Williams’ website. The album is out now via Bandcamp. Follow Vinyl Williams on Instagram and Twitter.

by: Zoë Elaine

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