Cones band

Amidst the chaos of Covid-19 and shelter at home orders, and now witnessing the boiling over of decades of civil injustice toward the black community, it’s incredibly difficult to feel serene or at peace, but LA locals Cones have just released a new single and music video that tries to help us take in and let out a deep breath of respite.

“Outside” is the first single from Cones this year and their first release since their debut album, ‘Pictures of Pictures,’ that dropped late in 2019.

The tune is lofty, slow, and distant, yet sunny and hopeful, perfect for the individual seeking to disappear into sound and vibration. Its melody grows slowly, never really reaching an arrival point, but continuing to ripple and repeat with soft vocals and a laid back tempo.

Bandmates and brothers Jonathan and Michael Rosen wrote the song as a way to meditate on and express some of their feelings of isolation during this time. While the sentiments of the song are very new, the tone of the song still falls perfectly between different vibes, both calming the mind and exciting the soul.

The accompanying music video is a 360 VR creation designed by Michael and illustrated by Jonathan. It shows an outdoor area with distorted colors and scenery and the image of a mouth singing the song’s lyrics stayed positioned in the sky. Previously, the band dabbled with 360 VR in another project now app called “Bob’s Room.”

“We approached the video for ‘Outside’ with the same mentality as we had while creating Bob’s Room,” says Jonathan. “Just trying to broaden our collaborations and create something neither one of us could have made on our own.”

Although touring is on hold, Cones have been keeping themselves busy in their studio in LA, curating an ongoing live-stream mini festivals series with fellow musicians. For more on what they’re currently getting up to, visit their website or follow them on social media.

Words: Patricia Sanchez