Press Play: On New EP, Zaia Muses on Being a Black Man in America


Contemporary artist Zaia understands that existing in this world, especially as a young black man, means eventually battling with some demons from within and without, which is exactly what he’s done in his latest release, ‘Very Alone,’ a scorching 9-song EP from the Atlanta based artist.

From racing thoughts about love to wondering about AI robots, Zaia’s music unpacks what it’s like to not just have to grow up, but to do so while also having to deal with the invisible perceptions that go along with the color of his skin. Zais’s new EP gives candid and poetic accounts of what goes on in his mind and about the extra precautions he has to take or potential threats he has to worry about as a young, black man.

Though just 22, Zaia’s words build upon each other to create a strong collection of work tied together via varying melodies and backing instrumentals.

Zaia’s most recent release picks up from his first EP and showcases the artist’s ability to write critically about the world around him. He matches his words with funky hip-hop beats and genre bending instrumentals enhanced on stage with a live bassist and guitarist.

With a sure hand to write clever lyrics and the energy to make each track an invigorating experience, Zaia uses his talent to tackle any and every subject.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

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