St. Panther Lays Down Soulful and Real New Single “These Days

Although she has been in the game for just a short time, local Southern California native St. Panther is proving she can write and produce with grace and potency. Her new single, “These Days” written and co-produced by the artist herself.

Vulnerable, yet determined, “These Days” is a song that follows a person trying to get out of the daze of depression and onto the road to recovery and healing. Giving herself emotional bread crumbs, the singer moves through the song as she explores her emotions. St. Panther’s simple vocals capture the permanent distance felt in the lyrics, admitting to herself that even though she needs time to heal, she is making progress day by day.

“‘These Days’ was written in memory of a friend lost suddenly to overdose on the night of his birthday September 24th, 2019. This song is my real-time experience with re-establishing a new relationship to life in the days following through the simple act of making it to the next day,” St. Panther explains. “The video is an ode to the week following the news as I found my way through it at home. I hope it serves as a reminder to those listening that each day is precious, and that there are still so many chapters ahead that are worth living for.”

The pain and anguish felt in the song are both enhanced and dulled by the melody, a sweeping yet slow moving instrumental composition that you can’t help but let roll over you like a wave on the shore. A steady drum beat keeps the time as the song builds and adds other layers such as occasional brass and horns.

With its open lyrics and sultry, yet classy sound, St. Panther’s “These Days,” is reminiscent of the great soul one would hear in the 60s; St. Panther gives the sound a modern polish before sending it off into the world.

For more on St. Panther, make sure to visit her website or follow her on social media.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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