Samia heralds her debut album “The Baby” with new single / video “Fit N Full”

Samia music band
Samia – Credit: Muriel Margaret

Samia has finally heralded her debut album The Baby with her new music video for single “Fit N Full.” Directed by Martin MacPherson, the video follows the singer as she navigates the ever-thorny and oppressive notion of a person’s happiness being tied to their physical fitness. Amidst bright pop-hooks and shimmering guitars—along with the video’s giddy, home-movie look via a camcorder—Samia squeezes all the dread of diets and fitness lifestyles that can strip a person of their joy in life.

Both the single and video are a sobering, cautionary tale of unhealthy expectations of how we should look or feel, wrapped and hidden inside Samia’s potent brand of kinetic pop-rock.

“For some reason the words ‘fit’ and ‘full’ have always felt mutually exclusive to me,” she said of the song. “I wrote this while I was living in the east village, so overwhelmed by the magic and culture around me and literally only capable of thinking about my fucking body. I tried to write this from the perspective of the person I wanted to be instead of the person who stares at her reflection in the window of Veselka.”

Samia’s debut album The Baby is out August 28 via Grand Jury Music, pre-order here. Visit her website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Samia’s new single “Fit N Full”

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