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Hearing new music after a declaration of fandom is an exciting moment. For us at Grimy Goods, that moment has arrived in the form of a double-sided single from Fawns of Love, a Bakerfield husband/wife duo. We named the band one to watch in 2020, eagerly ate up their Part-Time Punks re-works, and are thrilled to hear that a new single will appear alongside a version of “Someday” recorded and mixed by Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie. This release marks the first since their January 2019 debut album, Permanent, and “Someday (Robin Guthrie Version)” delivers twice as much ethereal wonder as the original. You can pick up a hot pink vinyl copy of the single on Bandcamp. 

If the original version of “Someday” leaned new wave, then the latest version has plunged headfirst into coldwave. There is no trace of the original’s drum machine, where Guthrie has instead opted for broad strokes of murky synth melodies. However you want to categorize the individual iterations, Fawns of Love as a whole have claimed a significant portion of the post-punk. Permanent spills over with movements on their prized Moog, and “Never Sing for Joy,” the b-side to the new single, further tightens their grip on the genre, right down to its nihilist message. And yet, the release elicits warmth—it is Fawns of Love’s way of reassuring us in uncertain times. 

Grab yourself the hot pink “Someday (Robin Guthrie Version)” 7” on Bandcamp. Follow Fawns of Love on Instagram and Twitter

by: Zoë Elaine

fawns of love

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