Laura Jean Anderson

Soulful and bluesy, with a little country twang and rock n roll chic, musician Laura Jean Anderson captures a glimmer of sensual vivacity in her newest single “You.”

Starting off with vocals that barrel through like a freight train pulling into the station, Anderson opens up with a glorious sigh before doing an alley-oop into a sultry groove.

“You” describes a woman in love with the odds stacked against her, but she’s confident in her hand and ready to dazzle the world. Anderson effortlessly captures this as she settles in and and lets loose into a playful, yet convicted, saunter, laying out her feelings while reminding her love interest that she’s the one he’s been looking for too.

Reminiscent of the lyrical wisdom and musical prowess of songs like “Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle to You,” Anderson captures a truly unique blend of Americana amidst a modern setting.

Sassy, yet affectionate, playful and sure-footed, “You” sparkles with words of wisdom and dances in youthful desire. It’s the perfect do-op to swoon or be swooned to.

Originally from Olympia, WA, Anderson is now settled a little more south along the West Coast residing now in Los Angeles. This Twin Peaks to High Desert musician pens music that is a fun mix of traditional and classic American rock n roll and country sounds polished with a modern finish. She layers her music with lyrics that seek to explore human emotion.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

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