L.A. Witch raises the dead with new track “True Believers”

la witch

L.A. Witch have shared another cryptic jam in the form of “True Believers.” The two-minute track will be the final single ahead of the release of their sophomore album Play With Fire out August 21 on Suicide Squeeze.

The heady sound of “True Believers” starts muffled and slow, exercsing a sludgy, dark vibe. With fierce bass lines and howling guitar riffs, “True Believers” quickly raises the dead halfway through the song with striking drums and a nefarious punk fervor. The track would be the perfect compliment to a horror flick’s soundtrack.

“‘True Believers’ is about being overwhelmed with the constant stream of news and information we see everyday. It’s about feeling anger and frustration with the state of the world. In a way, the track mocks the All Lives Matter culture that has come to fruition in the U.S. 

At times when you’re traveling around and meeting new people, you get into conversations about social matters and different political standpoints. A lot of people don’t believe they have any power over the matters concerning them, and that can be frustrating. It can be difficult for people to see themselves having an actual impact with what we’re all facing in the world today, all you can really do is take it day by day, lead by example, and know that any and all change starts with you. It’s important to always believe in who you are, even through all the chaos.”
~ Sade Sanchez

Pre-order a limited edition vinyl copy of Play With Fire on Suicide Squeeze—The label’s first two initial, exclusive vinyl pressings of Play With Fire have already sold out, but the 180 gram black vinyl version is now up for pre-order. Follow L.A. Witch on Instagram and Twitter.

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