Charlotte Day Wilson Drops 2 New Singles including “Take Care of You” featuring Syd

Charlotte Day Wilson
Charlotte Day Wilson at the Fonder Theatre, 30 Days In LA

Releasing new music for the first time this year, Toronto based artist Charlotte Day Wilson encapsulates the waning days of summer as the heat continues but days start to lose sunlight as we wind down for the next seasonal change.

Charlotte Day Wilson’s new singles “Take Care of You” (featuring Syd) and “Summertime” showcase Wilson’s ingenuity to create introspective and intricate contemporary pop songs.

“Take Care of You” burns slowly, with dancing flames that take shape in distorted vocals, heavy electronic reverbs and a clear message: “take my love because I have a lot to give if you let me.” Its honest and vulnerable lyrics layer nicely over a distant, mechanical instrumental background.

Wilson’s second single, “Summertime” saunters onto the stage with a little more gusto, swaying to a playful tempo and melody. With dreamy lyrics and luscious vocals that invite you into the singer’s heart, the song bursts with the potential of summer love. Fun little instrumentals laced all throughout keeps a bounce in step as the song walks along a steady and surefooted beat, the lyrics with each step revealing something new to the singer she had not previously realized.

“”Take Care of You” was one of those songs that came really naturally and quickly, the lyrics were impromptu & the music was simple,” Wilson says. “I just wanted to write the sort of lesbian love song that I would want to listen to. Syd was the best possible addition, we both felt it was a song that needed to be heard. I wrote “Summertime” at my cottage alone in the woods, I was just reflecting on some unrequited emotions that always seem to come back in the summer.”

Charlotte Day Wilson’s music is greatly influenced by her lifelong love of music, study of classical piano and practice of active listening to Jazz music from an early age. Later learning to produce music in her teens, Wilson tried her hand at writing lyrics, self debuting her first EP 8 years ago. Gaining recent notoriety, Wilson continues to intrigue press and fans alike.

For more on her music, check out Charlotte Day Wilson’s website or follow her on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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