Skandra struggles against the current on new song and video for “Rivers”


Trapped between the cold promise of heartbreak and an inescapable love, “Rivers,” the new song and video from Los Feliz-based artist SKANDRA, finds a well of uncertainty at the center of its dreamy, electro-pop ballad. The film, directed by Robin Clive, centers around the highs and lows of a relationship, visualizing the fights and tenderness against a backdrop of a retro-vibrant furnished home and glittery synth-work. Cascades of cleansing electronica pour themselves on SKANDRA’s vulnerable melancholy; it’s all the intimacy of a diary squeezed into a dreamy, 80s soundscape.

SKANDRA, the musical project under which Alexandra Duparc operates, is informed by a wealth of creative experience–not all of it just musical. At 15-years-old she went on tour with The Tints as a keyboardist and vocalist, recording an album with John Frusciante in the process; but then she went on to score films, mentoring under Budd Carr, where she worked on over thirty films. A creative powerhouse, SKANDRA has already made her mark with previous singles like the spirited “Tangerine,” and “Rivers” is just another stellar promise by the singer to continue delivering enthralling tunes.

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Watch the video for SKANDRA’s New Song song “Rivers”

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