Cayucas brings the perfect summer to the quarantined on “Malibu ‘79 Long”


Santa Monica-based Cayucas have shared another sublime summer jam in the form of new single “Malibu ‘79 Long,” which is now the second taste the duo has shared from their upcoming album Blue Summer.

If quarantine and an international pandemic have kept you from having the kind of summer you dreamt of having, Cayucas have you covered with this new song, which offers a listeners away to pine and fantasize about what next summer might be like. And however bleak that might be, “Malibu ’79 Long” still gushes with the kind of glowing guitars and swooning melodies that duo brothers Zach and Ben Yudin love to lead listeners by the hand through, painting all the allure of California’s mythologized beaches in the same tender, humble way their idols The Beach Boys did.

While you might be pining for palm trees and sunshine-heated sand, the world has other plans right now, so pop-on Cayucas’ new summer anthem and bide your time with its soft glow until their fall album drop–which, judging by the title, will have us all bitter-sweetly looking back at summer once more.

“Being obsessed with all things Beach Boys, I built this song with Pet Sounds & Smile in mind. Tempo changes, key changes, instrumentation. I had the piano chords lodged in the back of my head for literally 7-8 years, I would play those chords whenever I sat at a piano but never turned it into a song.” Zach said of the song. “Ben heard the chorus for the first time & said ‘Can you cut off the last line.’ My reaction was kinda like ‘Huh?’ But he was right. I deleted the last line of the chorus & it flowed better. It’s a trick we learned from Dennis Herring (producer) just cut it off when it gets boring.”

Cayucas new album Blue Summer is out September 25 via Park The Van. Visit their website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Cayucas’ new single “Malibu ‘79 Long”

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