Open Mike Eagle Drops New Jazz Infused Single and Announces New Album

Open Mike Eagle

L.A. based artist Open Mike Eagle‘s new single “Bucciarati” is a fantastic interpretation of rap, hip hop, Jazz and electro, melting all four genres into a hot, molten liquid that slowly engulfs its listener in a warm, shapeshifting pool of sound.

“Bucciarati” is one of three singles out now; all three set to be on Mike’s upcoming new album, ‘Anime, Trauma and Divorce.’ His new single is a response to Mike’s struggle with inner demons, and the album itself was born out of his need to get those demons out of his head.

“Before the world went to shit I was already in the middle of a few personal crisis’,” said Mike. “Shit had gone haywire personally and professionally and my therapist had to remind me that I have an outlet to process some of my shit in rap music. So I made a bunch of painful rap songs and Jacknife Lee was kind enough to help me make good music out of them. Maybe it can help other people too. It probably won’t but maybe.”

With Kari Faux on the track, “Bucciarati” uniquely blends together a myriad of sounds and moods to relay a direct stream of consciousness, and the song’s lyrics are delivered in a range of methods, from Mike’s rapid-fire and concise rapping to a singing chorus and distorted vocals. Underneath, the beat shape shifts with a satisfying fluidity like lava in a lava lamp. Together, it’s a magnetic single and catchy as hell with intricately woven lyrics and lots of fun Jazz elements.

Despite dealing with personal conflicts, Mike has been busy outside of writing and recording his own music, with his own podcast network, Stony Island Audio, and his own fully independent label, AutoReverse Records.

‘Anime, Trauma and Divorce’ is out October 16. For more information, visit Open Mike Eagle’s website or follow him on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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