Torii Wolf

Not giving too much care for details, musician Torii Wolf finds clarity in stripping things down in new single “Charlie.”

“Charlie” is a very personal song, that at first feels very sparse. The lyrics are ambiguous, they don’t really paint a vivid picture of anything specific, but there is a rawness and sincerity clearly present. As the song goes on, you’re struck by the space it fills even with its bare presence.

Soon you realize the story doesn’t matter as much as the emotions attached to it. The song in its narrative, sends off frequencies of distilled, pungent emotion, and Wolf is determined you experience how it feels to be suspended in such a state.

“‘Charlie’ is inspired by a very close person in my life who lost their father at a very young age. I feel very deeply connected to this song. I go somewhere very special and tender when I sing it.”

Delivered in a pandemic era, Wolf does a spectacular job of making a music video that both visually matches the tone of the song while also repping some A+ Covid-friendly activities — like surrounding yourself with plants, staying far away from people and staying at home. Wolf’s lone presence on camera parallels perfectly with the nature of the song.

Working with several other musicians and Djs throughout a 15-year career, Wolf’s avant grade style has always stood out as uniquely singular, and “Charlie” is a fitting continuation for an artist committed to pushing conventional norms or exploring the deep well of human emotions.

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Words: Patti Sanchez

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