Flavia heats things up with new EP “Out Loud”

flavia switch

Flavia’s new EP is hot to the touch, beginning with an unapologetic “sorry” before a dance-inducing beat. ‘Out Loud’, which dropped August 28 and is already climbing the iTunes charts, is a compilation of tracks that bread-crumb her journey as a queer, poly woman.

One of our favorite tracks, ‘Switch’, slides down your back like sweat on the dance floor. The melodic verses cover Flavia’s gorgeous low tone range, while the hook is a more matter-of-fact delivery: “Switch, switch, say the word and I’ll…”  

“Switch is about the freedom of fluidity, not putting yourself into a box and exploring the limits of your own boundaries.” Flavia identifies as pansexual, and has always been open about her many colorful layers. “When I started exploring my sexuality with women I discovered different sides to myself; I’m dominant and submissive, I’m strong and I’m gentle. It’s also a bit of a satire and a reminder to have fun and not to take yourself too seriously.”

Flavia’s EP ‘Out Loud’ sews together her best work, with each song bearing a call to action for the LGBTQIA community at large (including allies). You can stream her collection below and keep up with this starlet on Instagram.

Words: Ariana Tibi

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