Nancy Sanchez shares a pandemic-era single for Dia de los Muertos with “La Maldita Bruja”

Nancy Sanchez
Photo Credit: Farah Sosa

On the heels of her newest album La Gran Civilización, Mexican-born singer/songwriter Nancy Sanchez has refused to relent and has shared a haunting new single in the form of “La Maldita Bruja.” Reworking a Dia de los Muertos classic and redefining those iconic females roles that emerged from it, like La Llorna, Sanchez manages to blend a variety of cultures-worth into her gorgeous, acoustic-dirge.

Sanchez draws a connection between current pandemic-era anxieties with that of 14th-century Europe and its grappling with the plague, while also texturing it all with an “Mexican China Poblana Antigua esthetic.”

The result is a ghostly lament that is elevated by Sanchez’s breathy croons and the twinkle of Andy Abad’s classical acoustic guitar work, both of which are gushing with the kind of heart-wrenching sorrow that leaves you shaken by its potency. There’s just a measured tenderness to Sanchez’s lyricism and her carefully woven murmurs, one that is both soothing as it is eerie.

Sanchez, an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter and award-winning Jazz vocalist, was born in Toluca, Mexico before coming to the U.S. as a young girl. And as such, her music is a reflection of the Mexican folkloric, Jazz, Latin-alternative, and pop she has come into contact with. Her most recent album, the grandiose epic La Gran Civilización is out now.

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Listen to Nancy Sanchez’s new single “La Maldita Bruja”

Nancy Sanchez

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