Hot Artist Alert: Elena Rose is a supernova of energy and color in her new video “No Voy A Cambiar”

elena rose

Elena Rose might only have a handful of singles out but the Latin singer/songwriter has already made a deep impression with her breathlessly spirited anthems. Her latest single, the emphatically passionate “No Voy A Cambiar,” puts Rose’s larger-than-life enthusiasm on display as she raps over the song’s buoyant melody in a vibrant tri-color coat and rainbow platforms.

Directed by Scott Kelley and produced by Maria Fernandez, the film features stunning shots of Rose sliding through the streets Miami under the iconic shadow of the Betsy Hotel in South Beach. On “No Voy A Cambiar,” there is a desire to be yourself — without apology or reproach, either from others or yourself.

Watch the video her new single “No Voy A Cambiar”

Rose, a supernova of color and energy, is challenging the limited ways we allow Latin women to express themselves in music; she’s not in it for the money, but for the music. And with her first Latin Grammy nomination for co-writing “Muchacha” (Gente de Zona & Becky G) as well as the release of “Pa’ Ti,” which she co-wrote for Jennifer Lopez and Maluma, and over two-million streams her singles have recieved — it’s clear that the vibrant expressiveness of Rose’s music resonates with people.

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