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Keeping it full of delicious attitude, Pep Squad, the latest project from the creative powerhouse that is Kat Leon of the LA-based band Holy Wars, has released a new track titled “It’s My Party.” A play off the 60’s pop song popularized by Lesley Gore, Pep Squad take it to a nefarious level with their brash rendition.

Fit to soundtrack the score of a horror flick, Pep Squad’s “It’s My Party” thunders with drum machine crashes enhanced by the ghoulish, snotty vocals of Leon. This once sweet song will send chills down your spine and it’s just in time for spooky season. Listen closely and you’ll hear Leon’s witchy cackle.

“When quarantine happened we were trying to get back in a flow with getting used to writing together over zoom sessions which was definitely challenging at first,” shares Leon. “Previously, writing for Pep Squad had always been an “in the room / all 3 of us vibe it out” sort of thing… so we decided to create something just to get back in a flow.”

“Our team suggested doing a cover of “It’s My Party” by Lesley Gore and I (Kat) personally connected to the song as it was a favorite of mine as a kid and reminded me of the times listening to the oldies with my Dad, hanging at car shows and winning hula hoop contests for a free kids meal at Roy Rogers…”

Stream Pep Squad’s New Song “It’s My Party”

Pep Squad first rocked our world with the release of their debut single “Rebel” — a raucous, energized ode to resistance. Now with the release of “It’s My Party,” the band has been back at writing music. “We are beyond excited for our album Mouthful of Diamonds, shares Leon. “Coming in 2021 showcasing all the piss n vinegar 2020 has given us the motivation to write!”

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