Holy Wars Releases Cult-ish Music Video For Their Latest Anthem ‘Legend’

Photo: Ashley Osborn

Holy Wars released a music video for their epic anthem, ‘Legend,’ that flirts with society’s desire for fame and individuality. Featuring pale characters stripped of their autonomy, the video was directed by Erin Naifeh along with front woman Kat Leon.

‘Legend’ is hauntingly cinematic and uncomfortably beautiful. Thundering drums parade us throughout a tale about desperation and achievements. Our obsession with immortality emerges as the theme in this dark pop song, and the listener can’t help but chant along with Leon’s striking, raspy voice.


‘Legend’ captures the impending downfall of dignity when ego is involved, especially in the music business. “In an industry where nepotism rules all and advantages are sometimes given to the undeserving,” Leon describes, “I wanted to show a side of reality on what chasing greatness can do to an average “good” person.”

‘Legend’ was produced by Hunter Burgan and engineered by Mat Mitchell and Jeff Sahyoun. Originally written for the screen, Leon decided to take the track into her own hands, molding it to fit Holy Wars. “At times it was a struggle to figure out how to make the song that was once so cinematic and orchestral work for Holy Wars,” Leon says of the process. “We finally found it and it’s one of our favorite songs to play live.”

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Words by Ariana Tibi

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