Haiku Hands share pulsating new anthem “Suck My Cherry” for the film “Freaky”

Haiku Hands red background wearing jumpsuits

Raucous dance-pop group Haiku Hands, who just released their self-titled album this year, have shared a new track titled “Suck My Cherry,” a pulsating anthem of rebellion that also serves as the soundtrack for the horror-comedy Freaky, starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton.

Director Christopher Landon, already a big Haiku Hands fan to begin with, approached the group to write a song for the movie because he felt they could almost certainly capture the film’s message of female empowerment — describing it as “playful and powerful,”

Landon referred to the song as nothing short of a banger. And between its vibrant and aggressive mix of pop and buzzing electronica, matched only by Haiku Hands’ breathless energy, “Suck My Cherry” is the powerful and hook-filled anthem that was promised.

The film, which is centered around a body-swapping scenario between Vaughn’s serial-killer and Newton’s 17-year-old character–and as such, the music video features some seriously mind-bending scenes.

“It was our first experience writing a track from start to finish over Zoom,” the band said of the making of the song. “With tropical-island filters behind us and from different states and studios, we started with a cheerleader rhythm and got loose on the lyrics. It was also a new experience to write from a brief, one we could get behind as they were saying ‘make it weirder’. We wrote it to one of Hermitude’s beats with Joel Ma on board the writing team. We’re stoked that it’s being used for the film!”

Listen to Haiku Hands’ new single “Suck My Cherry” and watch the accompanying video to sneak a look at the upcoming film Freaky below!

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