Mia Doi Todd’s “Music Life” Sets off a Gentle Ripple in a Sea of Sound

Mia Doi Todd — Photo Credit: Azul Amaral

Meditating on the ebb and flow of life, solo musician Mia Doi Todd creates a space where her musings come together to reveal a beautifully complex world, one where art and reality are entangled in an intricate and eternal dance.

Todd’s latest single, “Music Life” continues the waltz with one step forward and two steps back; one foot here, then the other there. Moving through a smooth melody that takes shape in beautiful circles of harmony, she sings about the cycles of a musician and how music can take over a person’s life for better or worse.

Acknowledging the unpredictability of a dream despite your best efforts to prepare for the journey or map a course, “Music Life” eases the angst of the unknown and is a calm echo in a dark cave; Todd’s voice beaming through like a bright light she shares with the brave souls traversing further into the cave to seek musical oneness.

But, not forgetting the ones who got lost along the way, the single is as much a reprieve as it is an exploration.

“The song addresses the ups and downs of a musician’s life. I wrote it the night I came home from a dear friend’s memorial service, another of several musician friends who have passed away at a young age,” Todd notes. ”The song morphs organically through background vocals and psychedelic guitars and ultimately emerges as a celebration of life lived fully.”

“Music Life” is the title track to Todd’s upcoming album, out Feb. 12, 2021. Focused on the little details of existence, the album explores themes of mortality, motherhood, overdose and more; each song cradling the delicate emotions and moments that can define a life.

Featuring guest performances from Jeff Parker, Money Mark, Fabiano do Nascimento, Sam Gendel, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Laraaji, and recorded in Los Angeles — Todd’s hometown — the album’s creation is as much a reflection of Todd’s life as the lyrics itself.

To hear Mia Doi Todd’s newest single or to hear more about her upcoming album, visit her website or follow her on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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