Meg Myers surprises with two new powerful EPs

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With so many artists under quarantine and unable to tour, many have been pretty industrious about creating — but none have been quite as prolific as Meg Myers, who has just announced the release of not one, but two new EPs. Thank U 4 Taking Me 2 The Disco and I’d Like 2 Go Home Now were released back-to-back and are filled with the kind of disco-pop bangers that you might’ve hoped for with titles like those.

Thank U 4 Taking Me 2 The Disco opens with the newest single from the bunch “Any Way You Wanna Love Me,” a concussive and riveting anthem that echoes early Gaga. Kinetic and burning bright, Myers soundtracks her titular disco trip with the kind of combustible tracks that leave you breathless and but never more alive.

“Grizzly “is another bender, one steeped in this punkish-energy and anxious drumming that escalates the song towards this ferocious crescendo. And while the slow-burning ballad in “Breaks My Back” is an emotional heft for Myers, it’s the duet with morgxn on “i hope you cry” that is that stand-out moment on the EP. Ending with a pained harmony that wraps itself around the song’s aching piano medley, “i hope you cry” is a jarring end to an EP that began with the fiery promise of a night at the disco — but the evaporation of that energy is a delight and a rush to experience through the EP.

I’d Like 2 Go Home Now expands on Myers’ growing sound with its opening track “True Liars,” a song that sees the singer/songwriter using the full breadth of her voice she leans into the baroque-pop size of the song, her croons are sonorous and cutting.

“End Of The World” and “Hurt” both wrestle with complicated relationships and the kind of pain that one-sided devotion can bring, all delivered via a powerful pair of surging ballads; while on “Last Laugh,” Myers channels a bit of Regina Spektor on a stripped-down song that leaves her buoyant vocals naked but radiating in the glow of its warm piano hum. And it’s an appropriate song to end on, with Myers offering a direct call of hope to the “dreamers” amongst her listeners, a promise of solidarity (“Don’t even let go my love,” she murmurs) against those who would snuff them out.

Visit Meg Myers’ website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements. Myers also recently launched a Patreon, where fans can gain access to a range of exclusives, including monthly live streams, downloads, behind-the-scenes content, personalized messages, merch discounts, special gifts, and more.

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