Cautious Clay gets lost in the lies we tell ourselves on “Dying In The Subtlety”

Cautious Clay
Photo by John Daniel Powers

Cautious Clay has debuted the second single from his highly-anticipated debut album in the form of “Dying In The Subtlety,” along with a music video that features a cameo from actor Jason Statham (kind of …). Directed by Haoyan of America and shot around Cautious Clay’s home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn — the video for the song encapsulates its attempt to dig into the ways in which we miscommunicate and misrepresent parts of ourselves to other people in order to avoid any pain. And Clay’s soft croon, as gutting as ever when coupled with his lush songwriting, bounces buoyantly against the song’s tender beat — his vocals turning an anxious introspection into a sonorous exploration that ends with a riveting guitar solo.

“Dying In The Subtlety” follows his previous single “Agreeable,” both of which are slated to appear on his debut which is set for 2021. And with three phenomenal EPs under his belt already, the most recent being his Table of Context, we can easily say that a full-length album is much desired by fans.

“Dying in the Subtlety’ is a look at what it means to lose sight of the bigger picture in the context of friendship and relationship dynamics. It examines how subtle moments of emotional uncertainty or exuberance can sometimes serve as false negatives or false positives. The song ultimately calls to attention the importance of being aware of these internal signals and being more long-sighted when evaluating who you choose to give love and meaningful attention to in an age of distraction.”

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Watch Cautious Clay’s video for his new single “Dying In The Subtlety”

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