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Los Angeles-based Cherry Glazerr, the kinetic rock band led by Clementine Creevy, has shared a new single in the form of “Rabbit Hole.” A jittery and melodic collision of pulsating synths and anxious percussion, the song is about desperately trying to find yourself again after losing yourself in trying to change for the sake of other people’s approval.

Meditating on all the ways she’s had to claw back her identity from these situations (“Try too hard not to be disgraceful/But it led me down/Tried too hard not to be distasteful/But it led me down a rabbit hole,” Creevy sings in that piercing croon of hers), she also concedes that her childhood, fraught with moves and change, also influenced the song’s themes.

Like most Cherry Glazerr creations, “Rabbit Hole” is a tight songwriting affair that digs into Creevy’s anxieties, while the lush production sees the band stepping into a slicker indie-rock meets droning electronica. It’s an earworm trapped inside another earworm, either you’ll get hooked off Creevy’s ever sublime vocals, the dually uplifting and melancholic melody, or both!

“Change and discomfort are something I thrive in but I’ve come to realize that there’s a futility of doing things just to please other people,” she said of the song. “You can’t sacrifice your true self, it’s just unsustainable. Realizing this has been a big pill to swallow for me but it has given me a wealth of perspective. I feel like I’m growing into the artist that I’ve always wanted to be, it feels better than anything to do what you want with your own art.”

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Listen to Cherry Glazerr’s new song “Rabbit Hole” below!

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