Kevin Holliday shares funky new jam “Tried My Best” ft. Jackie Moonbather

Kevin Holliday — Photo: Rashad Awesome Heagle

Brooklyn-based indie artist, Kevin Holliday is steppin’ into 2021 with a fresh new track titled “Tried My Best” featuring Jackie Moonbather. With a deliciously funky bass line and Holliday’s smooth rolling vocals, “Tried My Best” will get your body moving and grooving even on the worst of days.

Despite the lyrics mentioning a feeling of defeat: “Tired of trying my best, I don’t know if I can go on much longer … gonna give up, gonna give up someday …” — the melody of the song is infectiously upbeat.


“‘Tried My Best” is inspired by the pressure of productivity culture that a lot of people have had during quarantine,” shares Holliday. “The feeling that none of us are ever doing enough and can’t get ahead. The track is a commentary on how we measure success, especially in isolation, where social media can seem like reality. The track itself is a contrast between the lyrics that reinforce this feeling of being stagnant, while the instrumentation makes the listener feel free and unbound by these restrictions.”

Raising awareness about the burnout of over-productivity, and a society that rewards the idea of being busy and constantly creating — Holliday smashes the misinformed ideology with a groovy tune that hooks you in. Stay a bit longer and you’ll understand the message.

To accompany the new song, Holliday teamed up with animator / multi dimensional maker, Hex to create visual companion for the track. The unique 3D animation shows Holliday breaking it down with robotic-like moves, almost like an old school SIMS character. It’s delightfully “stank but beautiful.”

Kevin Holliday’s new song “Tried My Best” follows recent singles “Want Me Too” feat. Dash, and the sultry, smooth “Fire.” With his debut EP Space Cadet, released in 2019, Holliday is starting his new year strong not only with a new track that sounds dope, but with intentional lyrics that touch on mental health and burn out.

While we all wait for Kevin Holliday’s next musical offerings, you can stay updated by following him on Instagram, Twitter and his new record label Dark Gray Records.

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