Tropa Magica and 805 Beer team up in the name of “Cerveza”

Tropa Magica and 805 Beer team up in the name of "Cerveza"

Tropa Magica has partnered with 805 Beer for the release of their new video for the psychedelic shredder that is “Chalino Y Sus 7 Balazos.” Coming together to not only deliver those trippy cumbia sounds, but also quench your thirst with a refreshing “Cerveza” — the new collab is everything we need to see more of. Tropa Magica will be the soundtrack to 805’s new beer launch “Cerveza” — ‘an easy-drinking beer brewed with the perfect amount of lime.’


With Tropa’s groovy psych-surf vibes and 805’s love for all things Southern California surf and skate culture — the union could not be a more perfect. Kicking off the video in a way that will surely make you smile, drummer Rene Pacheco gives the video the most epic intro. Si tu sabes, tu sabes.

Watch the glorious hoppy shred below:

“Teaming up with 805 Beer came at the perfect time given the pandemic and our inability to tour or perform live shows, shares lead singer / guitarist David Pacheco. “Their artist rep Troy caught us on tour in San Luis Obispo last February where he witnessed me eat a handful of mushrooms during our set and then toss my guitar 10 feet in the air at the end.He reached out to us shortly and we began talking about what working with them would look like.”

Tropa Magica’s new video collaboration with 805 Beer is just the begining of great things to come. The video serves as a teaser for a feature mini-doc that will be coming out later this month. In celebration, 805 is hosting a giveaway with Fender for a guitar and amp. It will be the same Fender model that David uses for shows.

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