Gallant Turns Back the Clock With His Newest Single “Comeback”

Gallant Turns Back the Clock With His Newest Single, Taking Us All Along With Him

Grammy nominated musician Gallant drops a retro tinged single that has you ready to abandon that smart phone for a classic Razor — if only so you can experience the deep satisfaction of physically closing the phone to hang up on someone.

“Comeback” is an early 2000s alt-R&B lovers dream. With tight melodies, soft and sparse guitar strumming all throughout, smooth break downs and tight hooks, the single is drenched in hardcore nostalgia (remember the 2000s started over 20 years ago)!


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“I put the lyrics of ‘Comeback.’ together from pages of notes I had typed up late at night and saved on my computer (and didn’t really want anyone else to read),” Gallant explains. “I was having some trouble finding a spark of inspiration and at the same time, I had these small bits and pieces of early 2000s R&B floating around in my head that I could never really turn into any good ideas.”

With lyrics depicting an Usher-like love story — you remember the kind filled with regret, betrayal and eventually heartache — Gallant sings a song of remorse for hurting the one he loves, and throughout the song, he continually tries to woo her back. All of Gallant’s efforts are for naught though, as his love refuses him in the end.

The accompanying music video, that could honestly be an amalgam of Cher’s house in Clueless and a Destiny’s Child music video, cements the song’s vibe. Old school chunky televisions, flip phones, phone call sounds and retro snacks can all be found.

It even pays homage to the cheesy graphics and special effects of music videos passed, as our song’s subject transforms into various household objects and electronics, such as a photo that moves in its frame, a yearbook sketch that jumps from page to page and a come-to-life dashboard bobble head. In all the forms he takes, he spends time pestering his ex-love wherever she goes. (My personal favorite was the old school cable spoof where he finds himself in different sitcom and “as seen on tv” scenarios).

Capturing themes of true love and betrayal, hallmark signs of a good early 2000s song, “Comeback” hits every emotional note while staying tight with the nostalgic melodies and break downs. In fact, it hits the target so perfectly, it could serve as the seamless transition between Usher’s ‘Confessions’ and K-Ci & Jojo’s ‘X.’

“Comeback” will be on Gallant’s upcoming project ‘Neptune,’ out next month.

Gallant’s music has put the classic R&B vibes on overdrive while also highlighting important subjects such as mental awareness. With a strong following, he adds a bit of nostalgia to alt-R&B. For more on Gallant and his music, make sure to visit his website and music links or follow him on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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