Surreal Video Accompanies O Future’s Affectionate Single, “And You’re Mine” Off Forthcoming Immaculate EP

Don’t confuse the vibes on the newest O Future track for evil; on the contrary, it’s overwhelmed by love. The LA-based duo, comprised of Katherine Mills Rymer originally from South Africa and Jens Bjornkjaer of Denmark, is known for producing music with a deep undertow, pulling listeners to the depths like a siren. Their latest single is accompanied by a Lynchian music video and will appear on their forthcoming Immaculate EP; watch “And You’re Mine” below. 

“We made this song during Covid, so it has those emotional swoops and valleys of both good and bad whirling its way around the song. It is obviously a straight-up love song, and I wrote it with elements of beauty, intimacy, time, and ownership of the beloved as the main legs of the song. The sub current, as for a lot of things I write about deals with intensity and excessive hyperbolic intimacy and 12th-century hermit emotions. Sometimes we hear the song and it seems to us like a soft kiss on a lightning storm island.” – O Future

Isolation for O Future is not all that different from their lives before the pandemic, minus the lack of travel and concerts. So when they set out to make new music, the greatest change to their style was psychological rather than tangible. Perhaps that is what gives “And You’re Mine” its intimacy.

Their 2019 album VOYEUR was a zealous soundtrack for the dancefloor, which makes the new single a gratifying slow jam. The completely self-recorded and produced song is propped up by a luscious string arrangement, yet O Future mutes its percussion. The result is a grown-up rendition of “You Are My Sunshine,” conveying joy and love and obsession and fear all at once. 

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by: Zoë Elaine

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