Kishi Bashi offers a soothing cover of “Early Morning Breeze” for Dolly Parton’s birthday

Kishi Bashi
Photo by Rachael Renee Levasseur

In celebration of Dolly Parton’s birthday last week, Kishi Bashi has shared a cover of “Early Morning Breeze” off her 1971 album Coat Of Many Colors. A lush but stripped-down take on the classic, Kishi Bashi’s take on the song features little more than a bit of acoustic instrumentation, buoyed mainly by his lush vocals and his violin. A soothing reminder to stop and absorb all the beauty around you, the sentiments expressed in “Early Morning Breeze” are delivered in earnest perhaps at the time we need them most. And Kishi Bashi’s violin solo, which flitters so elegantly imbued with tender like the titular breeze itself, is a delightfully affecting catharsis of beauty.


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“I’ve always loved Dolly Parton,” Bashi explains. “I think an artist’s personality plays a part in appreciating their work. I love how she’s always so generous and grounded in this crazy world of show business.”

Visit Kishi Bashi’s website, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements. Kishi Bashi’s “Early Morning Breeze” is now available to stream at all DSPs via Joyful Noise Recordings.


Stream Kishi Bashi’s “Early Morning Breeze”

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