Young Artist Kali Captures the Choppy Waters of Young Love with new Single “Lucy”

Young Artist Kali Captures the Choppy Waters of Young Love with new Single “Lucy”

In a budding tale of young romance and discovery, 16-year-old Kali hits a bittersweet note felt only by those in the pangs of youthful bloom with her newest single, “Lucy.” Kali also announced her debut EP “CIRCLES” will be out May 7.

In “Lucy,” Kali invites us into the inner workings of infatuation, striking a flirtatious tone while also revealing the complications of this particular romance where her love interest is hesitant to reveal her true feelings. The lyrics track a love line where one half is afraid to embrace her sexuality while the other is eagerly waiting for her to let go of her fears.


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“Lucy’s got a secret that she might tell you. Lucy’s been hiding but she’s facing the truth. She didn’t want the world to know. She never lets her feelings show. Lucy’s finally letting go,” Kali sings.

The ebb and flow of a secret romance catches our singer in a cyclical state of elation and false confidence — the love struck lyrics juxtaposing a bubbly melody.

With a perfectly mixed indie-pop sound, the single is draped in a dreamy atmosphere where innocence and careless inhibition intertwine. It’s bubblegum and medicine all wrapped up in one — captured playfully in the song’s music video where the camera follows Kali and her crush around town as they go about their day separately as well as meet up to secretly meet, ride bikes and other cute date stuff.


Kali’s musical career, despite her young age, has already garnered her as an artist to watch this year, thanks in part to her early commitment to music. Able to play the piano, guitar and bass, she took the plunge into songwriting only a few years ago, releasing her first single, “Back to the Start,” last year.

Both singles will be on her upcoming EP. For more on Kali, make sure to connect with her on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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