Hot Band Alert: Lo Village Blend Their Thoughts on Social Consciousness With Smooth Beats in New EP

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Coming out strong last year with several new music productions, Lo Village are back with another head banging, thought provoking EP; this time their music is framed through the lens of a chaotic year plagued by virus and civil unrest.

‘Lost in America’ captures the frustrations and confusions of this past year while also acknowledging generational problems starting from the beginning of slavery in the United States.

“Lost in America is our response to the chaos and disruption that we witnessed over the last year,” the group notes of their EP. “Tough times call for a reality check and we wanted to be as transparent and vulnerable as possible with our audience. It’s important for us to not make the same mistakes which got us to this place. We know better, so we have to be better.”


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Hailing from the DMV area, Lo Village consists of brother and sister Kane and Ama Tabiri and their friend Charles Tyler. Starting out as just kids making music, Kane had a vision of developing a label that would house all the talented musicians he saw around him.

Though their group and label were formed, the group faced scheduling conflicts going to different colleges and then legal trouble when Kane was sentenced to several years of probation and slapped with a $4000 fine for selling cannabis — something Kane noted he started doing in high school for pocket money and then later to help cover production costs.

Those hurdles and obstacles only pushed the group to work harder and continue making music. With, ‘Lost In America,’ the trio forge their neo-soul inspired rap with new flames and temper something truly unique in the Rap and Hip Hop genre.

Lo Village’s powerful lyrics and honest expression of it make for a musically interesting and pleasing album that stays true to their message. Hard work, an unwavering vision and belief in oneself all collide in Lo Village’s music, and ‘Lost in America’ offers a fresh perspective on reoccurring societal problems and pushes everyone to be better, to find new laurels and not get stuck on the thorns of the past.

For more on Lo Village’s music, make sure to check out their website or follow them on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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