Ayoni Shares Powerful New Single Written at the End of a Tumultuous Year

After thousands died due to the Covid-19 virus last year and political unrest over the presidential elections, 21-year-old, California based, musician Ayoni shares a new song that expresses the broken parts of our society and those who might consider themselves a “patriot.”

Slow and with a rumbling melody that gets stronger as the song progresses, “The Patriots” is a vocal cry of emotion and power. It’s a stirring performance of lamentation that builds into a cry and demand for long overdo exultation.


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Ayoni sings about the turmoil of last year — where over 300,000 died from covid-19 and our election was fraught with political unrest — while also calling out certain Conservative ideals and Republican actins, especially over the last few years, as a counter narrative to what they say they believe in and stand for.

She rejects these beliefs that go against love and their notion of what it means to be a patriot.

‘The Patriots’ is my national anthem and gospel. This song has kept me up many nights and it has healed me and given me my power back,” Ayoni notes. ”I felt my ancestors in the room the profound night I wrote this song, and they have guided me since.”

With many chiming in on the current fissure of American ideals (i.e. what we value as a nation), Ayoni’s single evokes powerful imagery and offers another peek into why or how the cracks got there. For Ayoni, she’s found a strength resurrected from the pain.

“The only America I’ve known is very bloody, very white, and very blue,” she furthers. “To sing a song that has been written many times over generations, has been humbling and heartbreaking, but I proudly take my place amongst my musical ancestors in protest.”

“The Patriots” is off of Ayoni’s forthcoming album out sometime this year. To stay up to date on her music releases, make sure to follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

Words: Patti Sanchez


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