When psychedelia meets classic Latinx beats, you get the delightful sounds of Tropa Magica, an East L.A. band whose space laser Cumbia reflects the wonderful mezcla of Chicano culture in Southern California.

The band’s newest single “Sonora Distance” blends a driving Cumbia beat with gently distorted guitars and soulful psychedelia. With a fun groove and upbeat melody, the song shimmers across an endless ether, shooting up to the stars while still staying close to the culture and hearth back home.

Known for their primal and energetic demeanor on stage and in their music, this song drenched in a vibrant energy. It’s also the first single the band wrote and produced remotely during the covid-19 pandemic.

Children of Mexican immigrants, Tropa Magica’s frontmen Rene and David Pacheco were initially inspired to make music by the novelty they felt being introduced to American rock music and going to punk shows in East L.A. They have been able to expand that and create a niche for themselves in music by taking that inspiration and infusing it with the music and culture their parents and grandparents carried with them from Mexico.

Merging not only sounds but communities, Tropa Magica capture two distinct scenes from different eras and marry them with an open mind and playful recreation.

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Words: Patti Sanchez


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