Valerie June’s wistful release “Fallin’” along with the dreamy new video brings to life a truly enchanting musical experience

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Photo Credit: Renata Raksha

Valerie June is unveiling her reflective new album The Moon & Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers this Friday. A notable track off the release is the profound and captivating “Fallin.’” June beautifully captures this concept with her delightfully, delicate tune. The psychedelic visuals for “Fallin’” present the singer from a kaleidoscopic lens creating a unique element of fantasy. Directed by prominent photographer Renata Raksha, the dream-like esthetic pairs seamlessly with the single’s soft nature.


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June is a rare talent recognized for her soulful, Americana-esque offerings that ooze with spellbinding magnetism. Her previous single “Call Me A Fool,” featuring Memphis singer Carla Thomas is all about keeping your dreams alive, no matter how foolish they may seem. Like “Fallin”, the tender track possesses that same graceful air of mysticism we know and love from the artist. Her out-of-the-box sound that’s breaking barriers has gained her a loyal and dedicated following. Through taking an unpredictable route, June shines. Her music exudes a true sense of individuality allowing her to stand out from the crowd.  

The Moon & Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers is produced by June herself as well as Jack Splash and is her first new album since 2017. This exquisite project displaying soothing songs conjures a quiet elegance that is unmatched. June reveals, “With this record, it finally became clear why I have this dream of making music. It’s not for earthly reasons of wanting to be awarded or to win anybody’s love—it’s because dreaming keeps me inquisitive and keeps me on that path of learning what I have to share with the world. When we allow ourselves to dream like we did when we were kids, it ignites the light that we all have within us and helps us to have a sort of magic about the way we live.”

Words: Chloe Robinson

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