On new single “Manifest,” Revenge Wife is done with trying to conjure a life of wealth and success

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Punchy pop singer Revenge Wife is getting fed up with being told to visualize success. To those that say believe and you will achieve she says… “fuck that.” Her latest single “Manifest”, a bubbly anti-capitalist anthem, details the widening wealth gap and her own broke state. Her vibrant vocals soar over retro 90s sound effects and Casio keyboard, creating an upbeat, tune that is pure infectious pop at its finest.

The singer reveals, “The song is inspired by living in L.A. and just feeling like I didn’t have what I wanted because I didn’t desire it in the right way. You know what I mean? The lyrics say it all. ‘I don’t really want to make vision boards. They say ‘manifest,’ fuck that. Until you’re born rich you gotta get used to no.’ It’s comical and real.” 

“Manifest” is the second single from Revenge Wife’s sad girl electro-pop bangers that’s featured on her forthcoming debut EP, Background Songs for Your Boring Life, Part I. Revenge Wife seamlessly melds comedy and horror within her daring releases and this new song definitely showcases that unique style we know and love from the artist.


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Revenge Wife aka Elizabeth Nistico is recognized for crafting personal pop songs with melancholic undertones. Originally revered as half of indie-pop duo HOLYCHILD, her music was deemed as ‘Brat Pop’ touching on our culture’s fixation on fame and beauty. Now her solo project portrays that same colorful synth-pop sound. Her music emits a bold attitude while also remaining vulnerable.  With “Manifest” Revenge Wife gives a middle finger to motivational directives, but also displays a soft honesty throughout. Many can relate to trying to better yourself yet feeling like you are stuck on a hamster wheel going nowhere. Nistico perfectly conveys what all of us go through with this energetic hit.

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