Holychild seduce The Echo, while Decorator get things funky and Travelers make their debut

Holychild at the Echo, photo by Wes Marsala

Holychild seduced a crowd of Angelinos this past Monday night at The Echo. The band started playing and soon Liz Nistico would come out in a fur, pink baby doll dress, and leopard skin high heels boasting a pretty sexy performance. I saw them a few months ago opening for MØ, and in just a few months I noticed quite a progression in stage performance. They seemed much more professional and really knew how to command the stage and I am not just talking about Nistico, the whole band just seemed more comfortable than the last time. They were all in the groove and dancing with the music. Go check out Holychild this month, they are playing for the next two Monday’s at The Echo to finish off their residency (for FREE).

Holychild at the Echo photos by Wes Marsala

Holychild at the Echo, photo by Wes Marsala

But before Holychild dazzled us as the headliners, Decorator got things started at The Echo. Consisting of six members, they filled the stage, danced while performing and truly appeared to have a great time on stage. Without a doubt, these guys are funky. Their bass lines reminded me of Sly and the Family Stone, and their lead singer resembled Jimi Hendrix but had moves like Prince. If you see them on a bill, be to check them out.

Decorators at the Echo, Photos by Wes Marsala

After Decorator got the party started, the band Travelers came out to perform. They had mentioned it was their first show, and I expected it to potentially not be so great. Much to my surprise, it was pretty damn good. They had a lot of camaraderie on stage, having a good time and making jokes in between songs. Their music was good! They even sang a song about the lead singer’s cat, which not bad at all.

Words / Photography: Wes Marsala

Travelers at the Echo, photo by Wes Marsala

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