María Isabel by Bradley J. Calder

Dominican-American singer-songwriter Maria Isabel unveils her stunning new two-song single. Comprised of “Love Song” and “Buy Your Own Flowers”, the mesmerizing and melodic tunes are the ultimate anthems of self-love and remind us that sometimes it is okay to put yourself first. Her lush, honeyed vocals gliding atop smooth electro beats set the mood for Isabel’s warm, sultry songs. The singer reveals, “I used to pair being alone and lonely as identical truths, and now I feel differently and want to turn my new-found self-love into music.”

Isabel released her debut single last year and her fan base quickly grew as she carved out her place in the R&B music scene. Her songs are so delicately crafted and intimate, allowing listeners to get lost in her world. Through her soulful music the talent holds nothing back sharing everything from her deepest joys to her most intense hardships. Touching on topics of mental health, relationships and heritage, her offerings hook you with their immense authenticity. Singing in both English and Spanish, you can feel her raw emotive quality seep through. That same passion can be heard in her two-song release. Take a listen to the beautiful, buttery tracks and melt away.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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