Snarling B-side “Sunny Place for Shady People” Encapsulates Lawrence Rothman’s Anxiety Living in ‘Trump Country’—Good Morning, America LP Due 7/16

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For Lawrence Rothman, existence is political. In the lead-up to the general election last fall, the genderfluid artist was living in Missouri, which they describe as Trump country. The threat of persecution constantly surrounded Rothman, and indirectly gave them the inspiration for “Sunny Place for Shady People,” a b-side featuring Son Little that is not associated with their forthcoming LP; watch the video for the new track below.

“What started as a Johnny Cash like hymn song quickly morphed in tempo and anger. I was dumbfounded at the spell he had casted on America.” – Lawrence Rothman, via press release

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With roaring guitars and sinister back-up vocals, “Sunny Place for Shady People” vibrates with fiery passion. This ain’t Rothman’s first rodeo—they have been writing political anthems for the length of their career. On the latest single, Rothman separates Trump and his cabinet from “the righteous” and turns their xenophobic rhetoric back on them: “One by one take out their kind/This ain’t no sunny place for shady people.” The implication can be read to also imply peaceful civic engagement—but language is charged, and Rothman includes the double meaning as its own political statement.

Lawrence Rothman's Anxiety Living in 'Trump Country'—Good Morning, America LP Due 7/16
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This b-side follows the release of “Thrash The West,” featuring Amanda Shires. The collaboration is first on the tracklist for Good Morning, America, Lawrence Rothman’s forthcoming LP, with additional features from Lucinda Williams, Katie Pruitt, and Caroline Rose. The album was originally announced last year and is due out on July 16th via KRO Records.

Words: Zoë Elaine

Pre-order Good Morning, America on Bandcamp. Order merch, including tees, hats, hoodies, and sock, via Rothman’s website. Follow Lawrence Rothman on Instagram and Twitter

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