Mereba drops shimmering new single “Rider”

R&B singer Mereba returns with her entrancing new offering “Rider.” The sultry, soothing single immediately hooks you in. Through soft, velvety beats and warm vocals, Mereba boldly sings of stepping out of her comfort zone to discover a real love that is built to last. The chilled out, atmospheric production transports listeners to a relaxed place. Sensually singing, “I wanna be your rider. I wanna satisfy ya,” you can feel her lush, alluring desire float across this gentle track. Her aim with the song is to become the ideal mate for her partner.


Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer Marian Mereba aka Mereba, began her career with a series of folk-soul tunes, including her self-released EP Room for Living. The artist is known for her laid-back sound that slithers around our minds. Mereba’s silky tone paired with her charismatic charm creates simply mesmerizing music. Her unique style fuses blues, soul, R&B as she continuously evolves, breaking sonic barriers. “Rider” is another stunning example of her shining flair taking flight. There is a delicate, yet powerful assurance that allows the single to stand out in the crowd.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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