DAGR returns with a blissfully chaotic new banger "Fuck Knots" (feat. Uffie)
Photo by Ariel Fish

L.A. duo DAGR have shared the first single from their upcoming self-titled debut album with the chaotic banger “Fuck Knots.” A messy ode to all the ways in which 2020 felt like a downward spiral, the single sees Ceci G and Veronica Jane teaming up with Uffie for a blisteringly cathartic and danceable track. Directed by Ariel Fish the video for the single is just as jarring and mesmerizing as the pulsating electronics that stretch over its soundscape. In it, Uffie takes center stage as she drones in almost harmonic unison with the crash and warble of the electronica beats that burst around her — with the glitch- trippy visuals adding a whole other layer to the song’s already sensory overload experience.

DAGR’s upcoming album promises to be a similarly raw run through of 2020, one that will continue to meld everything from dance, hip-hop, and the ever expanding limits of pop. It will also feature quite a few collaborations including Bali Baby, Warhol SS, Uffie, Dizzy Fae, Jerome Farah, Prison Religion, Suzi Wu, Hawa, & Cecile Believe.

“Day one of the DAGR x Uffie collab, the ‘Fuck Knots’ banger was born. Inspired by a tangle of unbrushed hair and unrequited love, the video takes viewers on a frenzied journey through a distorted celebrity mugshot. Led by hallucinations of solo cups and iPhone paparazzi, “Fuck Knots” captures the surreal spiral of 2020 via punch-drunk frames & thumping 808s. She is a hard, club-ready slap that is rough around the edges in all the right ways.”

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Watch the video for DAGR’s new single “Fuck Knots” below!