Marlana Channels a Slick Alter Ego in Sultry New Single “The Winner”

Marlana Channels a Slick Alter Ego in Sultry New Single “The Winner”
Art by Zinzi LeMond

Coming off a deeply emotional performance and release of her first single of 2021, “Good Girl,” Marlana is back with a slightly different tune — this one taking shape in a confident alter ego. Marlana’s “The Winner” is one part futuristic space casino and one part classic noir. Starting off with a deep and slow bass line and thumping drum beat, it’s a seductive, in control concoction of sly imagination where slight of hand and heart strut side by side.

Marlana’s sultry vocals dance in silhouette over a beat that continues to open up with dazzling little slivers of coy instrumentals as she explains her affinity for getting what she wants no matter what the odds. Careful as a non-gambler can be with her talents, she is willing to divulge her secret to the person whose caught her attention.

“Just over a month ago I released a 30 minute live show/concert film coupled with a new song, “Good Girl.” Both the show and the song were very vulnerable and emotionally draining,.” Marlana notes. ”Because of this, I wanted to make sure the next release felt a little less like a downer. In fact, “The Winner” is quite the opposite. I wanted to create something that felt like a sexy casino scene in a classic film. In addition, I wanted the narrative to be extremely confident. I essentially got to play the role of someone who is the opposite of me and that felt fucking rad.”


Marlana steps into her character’s shoes and takes her for a long saunter, constructing a persona who very well may be the woman who could undo James Bond himself. It’s a fun, slick single that is quite catchy to boot.

Since 2019, Marlana has been releasing a multitude of singles and last year released her debut album — a seven song collection of 1960s/70s inspired do-ops brimming with an honest perspective on the confusing, sometimes traumatic, experiences in life all while pretending you’re fine.

Marlana’s venture into solo work came after a very long battle to stay afloat with her band, Milo Greene, an extremely tough time dealing with anxiety, depression, toxic friendship cycles and the loss of two of her siblings. After getting help and spending some time at her parents’ home to recollect, Marlana began writing again and stepped onto the center stage of her musical career.

“I started working hard on solo material after I had a complete mental breakdown,” she says. “I went home to my parents’ place in the Sierra Nevada mountains and wrote for a few weeks after my antidepressants kicked in and I started functioning again. For years in Milo, people kept telling me to go solo and it finally felt like the right time.”

Words: Patti Sanchez

Now, Marlana’s been releasing solo work for the past two years and is delving into any musical corner she sees fit. For more on her music, make sure to visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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