Find peace with Forester’s new single “Symphony”

Forester’s new single “Symphony”

The indie electro twosome Forester, just dropped their serene new offering “Symphony.” The soaring single wraps you up in atmospheric soundscapes and wistful, warm vocals. Creating the illusion of falling, listeners are immediately overtaken with a freeing sensation. With light, pulsating beats and a sound similar to waves crashing, you can’t help but be lulled into this gentle release. The tune possesses a stunning vastness, almost like being surrounded by nature. This is only fitting due to Forester’s love for the outdoors. The duo take inspiration from the most scenic places such as Yosemite and Joshua Tree. “Symphony” was written while exploring Big Sur and you can feel that coastal vibe throughout. The group reveals, “We spent an entire day walking a remote coastline in Big Sur looking for waves to surf. It felt like these beaches went on forever – around every corner was something new. There was this infinite feeling that we both wanted to encapsulate in music – that’s how we started writing ‘Symphony.’”


The Los Angeles-based Forester consists of Xander Carlson and David Parris. Both write and produce with Carlson on vocals. Their music provides the perfect escape with its colossal quality. There is a rich, reflective feeling that seamlessly pairs with an infectiously danceable air. “Symphony” is the follow up to their album A Range of Light and is released via Palm Tree Records, the label founded by Kygo and Myles Shear. Listen to Forester’s towering track new track and drift away to another world.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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